Accounting systems programs

We are aware of the organizations interest and its own administrative system are working to provide a suitable software for human resources management and accounting systems that achieves accuracy and save time

The time you spend up personnel affairs is the time it does not come back, and institutional development comes the beginning of the work of cadres, which manages the implementation of the daily work requirements, and ensure that we participate in the achievement of development for your organization offer you the ideal solution for time management, wages and salaries through the Human Resources Forum , all this in personnel affairs program.

System offers a package of advanced technical solutions based on the concept of enterprise resource planning with a view to completing the operational and administrative processes relying on best practices and international standards for the flow of business and taking into account current and future needs of the ever-changing business environment, and include:

  • Financial systems
  • Distribution systems
  • HR systems

Human resource management programs:

General program for all companies and factories and businesses addresses three topics: self: archiving staff data (personal status - Develop Functional - financial position) according to the classification of staff branches and departments and disciplines. Classified staff work according to multiple systems. Personnel management (promotions - bonuses - sanctions - Courses - statements). Commitment: the introduction of a flexible and easy to everyday movements constantly. The possibility of entry for the movements always using a magnetic card reader. Organizing vacations daily comprehensive reports for vacations balances (due and remaining). Monthly report full and detailed and accurate for all staff movements within a specified period (always required - real-time - extra - delay - Decrease) salaries: accurately adjust the financial situation of the staff. Complete flexibility in the definition of compensation and rebates and of impairment. Accurate and fast for salaries and wages account. Social Security income tax expense within a month and a half annual schedules. A comprehensive and detailed reports to staff salaries during any period of time.