Computer Networks

Make you in touch with all departments and branches of your organization to provide safe and connected at any time and from anywhere.

Networking services

Help diverse networks that we offer to allow the procedure continues to secure and connected at any time and from anywhere across the company and across the Internet can systems solutions can be achieved by combining the functions of the core network, including routing and switching, security, and improve the WAN and Internet services and allow the techniques used management network and operating solutions provided by the Middle East to a query technology to create intelligent, integrated network aligned with current and future business needs working on.

  • Providing a secure connection between the unrestricted employee and customer information.
  • Helping to ensure access to information and resources from anywhere.
  • Automation networks simplifies management and protection and self.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • The network allows the transfer of the responsibilities of the individual and the security of the computer user to the network, which runs on IT security concentration.
  • Network management is centrally help to important data and information to better protect and guard against viruses, spyware and Internet attacks
  • Consulting services in the design of computer networks of various kinds (WAN-LAN-VPN)
  • Installation operation of the various networks and supply all servers and computer hardware systems.
  • Installation and operation of the network control systems and control of users.
  • Planning and management of networks.Secure computer networks.
  • Protecting computer network against attacks and viruses.
  • Operating protect using smart UPS devices.
  • Support networks.

Call your voice VOIP

The company provides the latest product applications Call your voice (VOIP) to build an integrated Central network provides all the business requirements and provide value-added service as organs phone licenses and interactive applications with the operating system and connect all branches of the company to enable it to make domestic and international calls with high quality and low cost

Data Center Data Centers

Provide the entire infrastructure for the data center solutions where the company conduct a full technical survey to find out the requirements accurately and to make the necessary and fully implement optimal solutions cabs and tow hooks and hardware servers, switches and other infrastructure for information technology requirements.

Security Systems

Security systems include protection for many areas, including digital surveillance and communications to help companies process advantage in projects management and affairs daily to maintain security and productivity through digital remote video and audio with alarm by sending messages to mobile phone and e-mail control and monitoring system

Featuring security solutions offered:

  • The possibility of control of the headquarters and branches through an integrated surveillance network.
  • Animations surveillance cameras can be pursued from anywhere and at any time.
  • Each recording audio and video surveillance events.
  • Direct control cameras remotely.
  • Integrated anti-theft alarm system.